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Medical Fitness Tour: Irvine, CA

Join us February 8-10, 2019 for Medical Fitness Tour: Irvine, CA!

This 3 day event, hosted at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), will offer fitness & allied health professionals an opportunity to grow their knowledge in the field of medical fitness. We’re excited to welcome experts in the fields who will present on a wide range of topics in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of chronic disease/medical conditions.

The main conference, Saturday, February 9 and Sunday, February 10 includes

  • Ten educational sessions with CEC’s
  • Two 90-minute lunch & learn discussion groups
  • Networking and Expo
  • Saturday evening mixer with drinks, appetizers, and music
  • Complimentary 1-year professional MedFit Network Membership ($169 value!) MFN is a national registry of fitness, wellness and allied health professionals. (MFN membership for new members only)

There will be 4 half-day pre-conference workshops available for purchase on Friday, February 8 before the main conference.

Schedule and ticket purchase will be available soon. Check back for details.

Note: Pre-conference workshops are purchased separately and not included in main conference (Sat & Sun) registration.

This workshop, complete with hands-on exercises and interactive brainstorming, teaches the ambitious career-oriented Personal Trainer to take full responsibility for the development of his or her business.

An emphasis will be placed upon the idea of the business being “separate” from the trainer. In other words, while most personal trainers literally become their businesses, with no distinction between who they are and what they do (a pretty certain road to burnout), students will learn to adopt the adage, “Your Business Should Be The Source of Your Prosperity.”

The workshop is timely as it dives into the opportunities presented by the explosive epidemic of chronic disease (metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, etc.) and exposes the limitations of conventional medical approaches. In exploring the greatest potential of strategic interventions incorporating exercise and nutrition, we discover the power the “specialist” personal fitness trainer can harness in terms of reversing inflammation, improving hormonal balance, and mitigating the markers and symptoms of disease.

The message is one of alignment, a true Allied Health Care effort where personal trainers’ energies and insights complement medical expertise for which we respectfully rely upon physicians and medical specialists.

The first half of the workshop is focused on a rethinking of the disease model, viewing disease escalation as movement along a reversible continuum. This allows for critical thinking and an arrived-upon conclusion that we can facilitate “betterment” moving any client or patient back toward health.

The second half of the workshop will zero in on the true opportunity. We’ll explore the true meaning of “value delivery” as it applies to the relationship between the specialty trainer and the client. We’ll compare foundational business principles with options for specialization and the development of a personalized mission.

Every attendee will leave understanding that he or she has power over creating a business that takes on the intention and energies of the trainer, ultimately becoming a vehicle for financial freedom and prosperity.
The one-size-fits-all model of health is outdated and can leave your clients feeling frustrated and uninspired. Genetic testing and the truly personalized approach to wellness that it affords, is the future of preventive health. This session will help you to understand the science behind genetic testing related to lifestyle and health markers, and use that information to tailor nutrition and exercise programs that are personalized to the individual.

Jessica Knurick is a researcher and nutrition educator with a passion for preventive healthcare. Jessica is a registered dietitian with a PhD in physical activity, nutrition, and wellness. She works in Clinical Product & Education at Toolbox Genomics, a company that uses analyzes your unique DNA testing results to give you a personalized, scientific, easy-to-understand Health Action Plan™, a powerful lifestyle plan that will help you make all the right choices.
This session reviews the basic principles of longevity science and the scientific evidence showing we can win the war on cancer right now, with adherence to a diet-style rich in anti-cancer phytochemicals; which also prevents against heart disease, strokes and dementia.

Learning Objectives
  • Use Nutrient per Calorie Density to structure dietary recommendations and understand how nutritional science can impact the aging process and prevent disease
  • Understand the differences between various high-carbohydrate foods that affects their influence on health.
  • Identify foods that positively and negatively affect hormones that contribute to disease and premature aging.
  • Identify the foods with the most powerful effects to prevent cancer and how to incorporate those foods into one’s dietary portfolio
Dr. Furhman is a board-certified family physician, best-selling author and nutritional researcher, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods.
2 Discussion Groups Topics:

How to Create Relationships with Medical & Allied Healthcare Professionals moderated by Phil Kaplan, Dr. Evan Osar & J.R. Burgess

Eat and Cook To Live – Nutritional Science In Your Kitchen moderated by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Working with breast cancer patients and survivors requires empathy, compassion, and comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. This session will give you insight into the practical, hands-on skills needed to guide patients through treatment into recovery and long-term survivorship. No two cancer patients are the same; which is why it’s critical to completely individualize programming.

Learn a comprehensive, step-by-step process from renowned expert Andrea Leonard, president and founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute and ACE partner.
If you work with older adults (baby boomers and/or seniors), then you likely work with individuals who have been diagnosed with spinal and/or hip osteoarthritis. Spinal and hip osteoarthritis are two of the most common orthopedic issues keeping older individuals from effectively walking, biking, exercising, and performing their daily activities.

During this dynamic, interactive session you will learn the 3-Stage Degenerative Joint Process™ and why so many older adults develop spine and hip issues. Additionally, you will discover the Integrative Movement System Corrective Exercise Strategy™ that covers how to assess and effectively use corrective exercise to address tightness and weakness in the spine and hips. You will leave this session with the ability to incorporate the corrective exercise strategies into the fundamental movement patterns required to safely and effectively progress your older client’s towards accomplishing their health and fitness goals.

Dr. Evan Osar is a chiropractic physician and the developer of the Integrative Movement Specialist™ certification, designed specifically to aid the fitness professional in establishing themselves as an invaluable part of their clients' health care team.
Enjoy drinks and light appetizers while you network with our speakers, vendors and other attending participants.

Cash bar available
Dr. Aliffe will discuss:
  • Some Benefits and Clinical Indications
  • Why are People Turning to CBD Oil Products?
How to Reverse Chronic Disease and Degeneration while Building Your Bottom Line

With the uncertainty regarding the future of the Health Care System, physicians and private practices are looking for solutions during these fearful and uncertain economical times. There is fear that the Affordable Health Care Act will make it difficult for private practices to survive, and for doctors to make the living they deserve. Facts are, with rising costs, reimbursements are sure to be cut. Fortunately there is a new cash based model that doctors are implementing that can have both a positive financial outcome for your practice but it provides a solution to rising health care costs by reducing obesity. In 2018, CMS will be releasing the Diabetes Prevention Program aimed at adding wellness and preventative services to help combat the rising cost of health care and as a solution to manage and prevent chronic disease.

J.R. Burgess is the CEO of Rejuv Medical and MedFit. In 2009, he partnered with Dr. Joel Baumgartner, MD with the purpose to change the direction of the current healthcare crisis. Together they developed a successful 27,000 sq. ft., integrated medical center that utilizes medical fitness, functional medicine and regenerative orthopedics to restore health and vitality to their patients.
Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe earned his BA from Harvard University in Organic & Medicinal Chemistry, and MD with Distinguished Honors (magna cum laude) from Stanford University School of Medicine (MD-PhD Training Program in Cancer Biology, Departments of Molecular Pharmacology, Chemical and Systems Biology). His postgraduate clinical training, also from Stanford, is in Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and...
Dr. Kruse attended medical school at the University of California, San Diego after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He did his residency in Family Medicine at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. After residency, he obtained a second board certification in sports medicine with the completion of fellowship training at the...
With over 26 years of experience in the food industry, chef Quincy’s career started to take off in the mid-90s when he was hired as the head chef for the department of the US Navy in Washington DC. Even with culinary training in Brescia Italy, and food service technology training in St. Augustine Florida, his...
A former high school Culinary Arts teacher, Ann was frustrated that her students were consuming Red Bull and Doritos for breakfast, but found studies that show, teaching younger kids how to prepare healthy foods would stick for a life time of well being – so she started Edible Education. Ann is one of Michelle Obama’s Chefs...
J.R. Burgess is the CEO of Rejuv Medical and MedFit. In 2009, he partnered with Dr. Joel Baumgartner, MD with the purpose to change the direction of the current healthcare crisis. Together they developed a successful 27,000 sq. ft., integrated medical center that utilizes medical fitness, functional medicine and regenerative orthopedics to restore health and...
Joel Fuhrman M.D. is a board-certified family physician, best-selling author and nutritional researcher, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods. He has been an active family medicine clinician for over 25 years. He is the author of 9 books, 5 that have been on the NY Times bestseller list (* noted below)....
Phil Kaplan is a 30-year veteran of the fitness field and a pioneer in the realm of Personal Training.  The first Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient from Personal Fitness Professional, he’s appeared on over 1000 TV and radio shows sharing “the Fitness Truth.” Through seminars, articles, appearances, and programs, Phil paved the way for personal trainers...
Dr. Mark Kelly has been actively involved in the fitness industry spanning 30 years as a teacher of exercise physiology, a trainer of trainers, individuals, and groups. He has educated people in boot camps, on athletic teams, at academic institutions, and in the gyms. He was an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise where he...
Jessica Knurick, PhD, RDN, is a researcher and nutrition educator with a passion for preventive healthcare. Jessica is a registered dietitian with a PhD in physical activity, nutrition, and wellness; her research focuses on integrating easily adoptable diet and exercise strategies to reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve overall well-being. Jessica is extremely...
Andrea Leonard is the Founder and President of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. Andrea is certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Performance Enhancement Specialist by The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), as a personal trainer by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the American...
Evan Osar is the developer of the Integrative Movement Specialist™ certification designed specifically to aid the fitness professional establish themselves as an invaluable part of their client’s health care team. In addition to his chiropractic degree, Dr. Osar has earned national certifications through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM),...
Conference will be held at the University California, Irvine Conference Center at 311 W Peltason Drive, Irvine, CA 92697

Main conference (Saturday & Sunday) will be held in the Crystal Cove Auditorium. Lunch & Learns and Expo will be held in Emerald Bay rooms.

Pre-Conference workshops will be held in the Emerald Bay meeting rooms.
A parking structure is available across the street from the UCI conference center on Peltason Drive. Parking permits are required at all times for all vehicles parked on campus. Permit rates can be found online at parking.uci.edu/permits/
Recommended lodging coming soon.
Medical Fitness Tour San Francisco is pending CEU approval the following organizations:

Pre-conference workshops are not included in these totals. If CECs are available for pre-cons, they will be provided by the instructor.

If your certifying body is not listed, please check with them for their requirements to petition for credit. Note: ACSM very often accepts courses that are approved by ACE and NASM/AFAA.
Boxed lunch is available for purchase on Saturday and Sunday. You will be able to add them to your registration at check-out. You're also welcome to bring your own lunch.

Evening mixer on Saturday will have light appetizers. Cash bar will be available

Lunch is not available for the Friday pre-conference workshops.
Fitness attire is perfectly acceptable!
Full refunds will be issued for any cancellations made a minimum of 30 days prior to an event start date. Any changes or cancellations should be requested in writing a minimum of 30 days prior, as we need to confirm meals and seating with the event venue.

For cancellations less than 30 days from the event start date, refunds will be given, less a $75 cancellation fee. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to the event result in forfeiture of entire registration amount. Alternatively, you may choose to put the balance toward another event and the amount will be kept on file as a credit for up to 1 year.

Cancellation or change requests must be submitted to medfittour@gmail.com; refunds will be processed in a timely manner.

Failure to attend an event without prior notification (i.e., no-show) will result in the forfeiture of the entire registration fee amount.

Cancellation of event attendance will also result in the loss of new membership status for the MedFit Network, if applicable.


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