1 Phoenix, AZ Event Recording - Medical Fitness Tour

Phoenix, AZ Event Recording

Medical Fitness Tour made it’s inaugural stop in Phoenix, AZ on February 2-4, 2018. This three day event was hosted at Ability360, and we welcomed in the fields who presented on a range of topics in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of chronic disease/medical conditions.

A recording of the sessions is available for purchase.

This keynote will touch on what has stayed the same in the fitness/wellness industry over time, what has changed, and what we can look forward to in the very near future. Co-founder, President and CEO of Active Wellness Bill McBride will share the foundation of our beginnings, our evolution, and what is possible in a new era of opportunity. We are poised to be of greater service with the ability to monetize the good work we do on a much broader scale. We all know that “selling” is “solving” - no one wants to be sold (or sell!). ​​Explore the significance of ​​helping people into new lifestyles of exercise, wellness, well-being, activity and healthy behaviors and learn how your contribution to the industry is making a difference.
Explore the biggest threat to the quality life of older adults: devastating falls. Learn how to assess older clients/patients for fall risk using three validated functional assessments. This will include training on objective scoring and movement analysis for each assessment which are essential in developing the most effective exercise program for each individual. Attendees will be given a systematic Fall Prevention Program Matrix that can be used to program for their clients/patients.

Christian is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of San Francisco, and has published scientific articles on exercise programming for older adults.
This session will introduce fitness tools to help instructors working with clients 50+ who suffer from sore or injured joints but who want to continue to participate in class and gym. Learn about safe and effective tools to provide support and comfort for your fastest growing client base in the fitness world.

Gretchen Zelek, founder of DOD Fitness and fitness enthusiast, will lead the session.
It is now proven that exercise, diet, and mindset play a vital role in helping to manage the symptoms and mental challenges of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Join David Lyons, founder of the MS Fitness Challenge worldwide charity, author of Everyday Health and Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis and recipient of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award for this inspiring session. David has partnered with the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) to deliver a co-created course for bringing this knowledge and skill set to CPTs who want to work with MS clients.

Hear advice to help clients overcome mental hurdles, discuss nutrition fundamentals to properly fuel workouts, and learn easily adaptable exercises for individuals with this condition. You will be provided with course information for adding this to your scope of practice to start training those with MS and helping to improve lives through your safe and effective fitness training services.
Hypertension (or high BP) is sometimes referred to as the “silent killer” and is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the United States, affecting approximately 80 million people. Hypertension is a powerful and independent risk factor for cardiovascular and renal diseases, especially coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and renal failure. During this session, Dr. Bryant will discuss the basic pathophysiology of hypertension, the pharmacologic and lifestyle/behavior change approaches for managing and treating the disease, and provide a special emphasis on various exercise interventions (ie: steady-state exercise, HIIT, resistance training, mind-body disciplines, etc.). Session attendees will learn how to develop safe, effective, and comprehensive programs for their hypertensive clients.

Cedric is a national and international lecturer, writer and expert source. He is responsible for ensuring the scientific accuracy of ACE-commissioned research studies, publications and all other educational materials that ACE creates.
The need for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of chronic disease continues to outpace the qualified resources available to serve those who need it most. Despite more accessible information and education and a more widely accepted holistic approach to health, there is a significant gap between the care a patient receives and the healthy lifestyle habits that can prevent and manage disease. There are exciting and limitless opportunities for healthcare professionals from all corners of the care continuum and highly-qualified fitness professionals to collaborate and work in synergy to have a direct impact on the growing national health crisis. Lindsay will also serve as emcee for the weekend.
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is now the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. The ramifications of AD affect individuals, families, communities, and countries across the world. Cognitive decline and dementia are NOT a normal part of the aging process. Learn evidence-based prevention and intervention for cognitive decline and review the literature showing the pivotal role exercise plays in the brain health process.

June Chewning has served as an educator, instructor, trainer, elementary physical education teacher, college adjunct professor, and instructor for community fitness and wellness since 1978. She is the president and education director of Fitness Learning Systems, the creator of the Medical Fitness Specialist Certificate Program - Alzheimer's Disease Prevention and Intervention: A Guide to Working with Seniors and People at Risk
With the uncertainty regarding the future of the Health Care System, physicians and private practices are looking for solutions during these fearful and uncertain economical times. There is fear that the Affordable Health Care Act will make it difficult for private practices to survive, and for doctors to make the living they deserve. Facts are, with rising costs, reimbursements are sure to be cut. Fortunately there is a new cash based model that doctors are implementing that can have both a positive financial outcome for your practice but it provides a solution to rising health care costs by reducing obesity. In 2018, CMS will be releasing the Diabetes Prevention Program aimed at adding wellness and preventative services to help combat the rising cost of health care and as a solution to manage and prevent chronic disease.

J.R. Burgess is the CEO of Rejuv Medical and MedFit. In 2009, he partnered with Dr. Joel Baumgartner, MD with the purpose to change the direction of the current healthcare crisis. Together they developed a successful 27,000 sq. ft., integrated medical center that utilizes medical fitness, functional medicine and regenerative orthopedics to restore health and vitality to their patients.
This session will discuss the various physiological mechanisms, exercises, and dietary approaches that not only strengthen bone but help prevent falls which can break the bone. SAFE (strength, agility, flexibility, and equilibrium) exercises that emphasize areas prone to breaking will be demonstrated.
Successfully engaging patients is a difficult yet essential element in preventing, rehabilitating and preserving the quality of life for those with chronic disease and medical conditions. As patients and our healthcare industry evolve, integrating health engagement science and technology is required if long-term success is a true goal. To accomplish this, effective and efficient engagement that is on a personal and matched level must be grounded in a methodology that can balance technology, health engagement science and the human element.

Join Steve Feyrer-Melk, MEd, PhD, a powerful, passionate, and trusted authority in Lifestyle Medicine, for this session.
J.R. is the CEO of Rejuv Medical, Co-Founder of MedFit and HealthOvators. With his business partners, JR is innovating healthcare with a model that prevents, reverses or better manages chronic pain and disease while supporting physicians to achieve these transformations profitability through business. Their revolutionary regenerative health care model includes non-surgical orthopedics, functional primary care...
As Chief Science Officer, Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., FACSM, represents ACE as a national and international lecturer, writer and expert source.  He is responsible for ensuring the scientific accuracy of ACE-commissioned research studies, publications and all other educational materials that ACE creates. Dr. Bryant has written nearly 300 articles or columns in fitness trade magazines,...
June Chewning has been serving the fitness industry since 1978 as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. She taught elementary physical education for 6 years before completing her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Health Enhancement. June served as president and owner of Health Enhancement and Fitness Services (a corporate and community wellness provider) for...
Steve Feyrer-Melk, MEd, PhD, is a powerful, passionate, and trusted authority in Lifestyle Medicine who is bringing an innovative, refreshing, and successful approach to proactive health care. Functional Medicine Practitioners are in a unique and influential position for proactive health. By leveraging the inherent preventive medical philosophy of both Functional Medicine and the Functional Medicine...
June Kahn is an internationally recognized fitness leader and educator. She is the 2009 World IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, founder of June Kahn’s Bodyworks, LLCℱ , Pilates Rehab Specialist & owner of Center Your Body Pilates in Louisville (Boulder), CO. With over 30 years of Pilates experience, June is best known for bridging the gap between classical Pilates...
Dr. Mark Kelly has been actively involved in the fitness...
In 2006, David Lyons was hospitalized and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 47. David, a former bodybuilder and health club owner, exercised regularly and lived a healthy lifestyle. He was devastated by the diagnosis and frustrated by the physical limitations of his condition. His initial MS attack left him with partial paralysis,...
Bill is a health club industry veteran with over 25 years of experience leading and managing all aspects of commercial health clubs, medical fitness centers, residential, community, multi-tenant and corporate fitness sites. He co-founded Active Sports Clubs and Active Wellness, LLC and owns a health club consultancy – BMC3. Bill has served as Chairman of the...
Christian is an Associate Professor in the...
Lindsay Vastola, NSCA-CPT, has served as editor for PFP media since 2011 and is founder and president of Body Project (2007), a custom fitness and lifestyle company headquartered in Robbinsville, New Jersey. As a keynote and wellness program consultant for companies across industries and speaker at industry events including Club Industry, NSCA, Fitness Business Summit...
Brandon Wagner has been in the fitness industry for 20 years. He has passion for developing the skills of professionals by engaging them through fitness education and targeted personal development. He established his career as a highly-requested trainer and group instructor at Canyon Ranch, one of the world’s premier health and wellness resorts. Clients ranged...
As a former collegiate athlete, fitness enthusiast,  mom of four, and Certified Functional Aging Specialist, Gretchen designed DoD Fitness Knee Donuts when she could not find a comfortable way to kneel on sore “runner’s knees”. The donuts provide structural support for the knees and cradle the kneecaps so they neither bear weight or touch the ground. DoD...

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