Why the Medical Fitness Tour: A Growing Demographic

100 million baby boomers in the United States, and growing.

There are approximately 100 million baby boomers (aged 50 and over) in the United States making up 30% of the nationā€™s population and three-fourths of its wealth1. This group is expected to live longer than previous generations.

As this group ages, we are seeing a significant increase in obesity, chronic disease and individuals with multiple medical conditions. The number of aging individuals seeking fitness professionals is about to reach itsĀ tipping point.

Among the many conditions the boomers may face are: joint replacements (often two or more), arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, Parkinsonā€™s and muscle loss.

They have heard that not all exercise & healthcare professionals are created equal and they will be looking for programs and professionals who understand who they are, what they are suffering from, and how they can be helped to prevent, treat, restore function and preserve their quality of life.

It is clear, the demand for more knowledgeable fitness professionals will only grow as our population grows and ages.

The Medical Fitness Education Foundationā€™s vision is to make this type of education available in every state through the Medical Fitness Tour traveling conference. The Tour is a 2-day weekend event for fitness and allied health professionals with single track 60-90 minute presentations. There may also be a pre-conference Ā½ day workshop or training session.

Continuing education credits and an expo will also be included for professionals and the community.

Speaking topics may include (but are not limited to):Ā Active Aging,Ā Alzheimerā€™s, Arthritis, Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, Working with Persons with Disabilities, Fall Prevention, Fibromyalgia, Health & Wellness Coaching, Heart Disease, Joint Replacement, Mental Health Challenges, Multiple Sclerosis, Nutrition, Parkinsonā€™s,Ā Osteoporosis, Respiratory Disease, Stroke, and Womenā€™s Health Issues (including pre- & postpartum care).Ā 

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