Presenter Interviews  |  Medical Fitness Tour: Glassboro, NJ

Education Director Tony Berlant chats with each of the presenters for our upcoming Tour event in Glassboro, NJ
This weekend conference will be held April 13-15 at Rowan University.

JR Burgess

Main Conference: The Medical Fitness Impact Plan: How to Reverse Chronic Disease and Degeneration while Building Your Bottom Line

Pre-Conference: The Medical Fitness Impact Plan: The Business Blue Print To Reverse Chronic Disease & Degeneration While Building Your Dream Fitness Career

Robyn Caruso

Pre-Conference: Exercise Prescription for Stress Management: Bringing Mindfulness To The Fitness Industry

June Chewning

Main Conference: Your Brain on Exercise — Critical!

Pre-Conference: Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention and Intervention Specialist Gold Certificate

Dr. Nicholas DiNibule

Main Conference: Body Build to Last: Optimal Musculoskeletal Aging

Andrea Leonard

Main Conference: Exercise Programming for Cancer Survivors

Carol Michaels

Main Conference: Training a Client with Osteoporosis

Dr. Evan Osar

Main Conference: Training the Older Client with Osteoarthritis of the Spine and Hips

Brian Richey

Main Conference: Special Population Series: Diabetes and Hypertension

Greg Salgueiro

Main Conference: Bigger, Fatter, Sicker: How the Standard American Diet Is Killing Us

Dr. Kyle Stull

Main Conference: Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impingement

Pre-Conference: TriggerPoint™ Level 1 Foam Rolling

Lindsay Vastola

Main Conference: Healthcare & Fitness: Harnessing the Power of Partnership

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