Seattle Pre-Con | Synergistic Healing: When Two World Collide (August 16)


Synergistic Healing: When Two World Collide
The Promise, the Profit, and the Power of Bettering Lives

Pre-Conference Workshop
Friday, August 16, 8:00am-12:00pm

Led by Phil Kaplan and J.R. Burgess

We are well aware of the virtues of our medical system, and we are dually aware of the shortcomings of modern medicine in reversing chronic disease.  Because the chronically afflicted make up the largest segment of our adult population, the opportunity lies in bringing together the healing components of empowerment with the necessary fitness and medical interventions.

The bottom line is, as a united front, progressive physicians and high-level fitness professionals offer the strongest complement for human healing.  In this power-packed session, industry icons Phil Kaplan and JR Burgess, both stepping over the lines that separate fitness and medicine, will show you how you can elevate professionally and command fees previously unattainable in personal training.  Best of all, you’ll learn the value of rescue, and as you develop a knack for helping people rediscover health, you’ll fully recognize the limits of the personal training field and appreciate how you’ve risen above the industry-imposed ceiling.

  • How to connect with “your ideal client,” again, and again, and again
  • How to instantly separate from all other personal trainers and establish a unique position
  • How to create a high six-figure business without ever abandoning your passion, desire, and morality
  • How to influence others, regardless of their history, to say yes, to comply, and to change
  • How to attract the market of unwell (not sick) and create true reversal of plaguing conditions

You’ll walk away with an understanding, not only of what it takes to become a leader in the world of medical fitness, but also a recognition of the systems and strategies that have been proven, time and time again, to create and maximize the fitness – physician connection.

Up to 3 CEC/CEUs for fitness professionals for this workshop.

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