Quincy Jackson

With over 26 years of experience in the food industry, chef Quincy’s career started to take off in the mid-90s when he was hired as the head chef for the department of the US Navy in Washington DC. Even with culinary training in Brescia Italy, and food service technology training in St. Augustine Florida, his heart and skill set have kept him rooted in the D.C. area. As administrations changed so did Chef Quincy’s roles. He spent several years serving under the Clinton and Bush administrations – taking the lead on their personal vacation trips.

In 2008, Chef Quincy was selected to serve President Obama in the Oval Pantry, as well as the handling of high-level visitors including Congress members, Cabinet members, Ambassadors and Heads of State from several different countries throughout the world.

Flash forward to August 2017 and he now spends his days working with the kid-friendly curriculum in Midlothian, Virginia based Edible Education. Now, instead of handling visitors to the Oval Office, Chef Quincy is the behind the scenes wizard that prepares the Edible Education menu to showcase at conferences. He also runs support activities for Edible Education’s mission of teaching kids how to have fun with food and markets the Kitchen a la cart.  As a motivated Executive Chef, Quincy is focused on high standards in the kitchen, while also doing double duty as the Edible Education Brand ambassador.

Chef Quincy is an energetic professional with a blend of creativity, passion for food, and exceptional culinary skills. He prides himself on the beautiful presentation of food – no matter whether his audience is an international diplomat, a conference attendee, or a nine-year-old child!

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    Executive Chef, Edible Education
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